RAAM finisher 2018

 11 Days, 19 Hours, 14 Minutes

  6th Male Solo Under 50

With an avg. speed of 10.84 mph, Andy came in as 6th male solo under 50,
and is among the only 10 Danes ever to have completed Race Across America.
It was in any way what we’ve expected, and then some.
All emotions was in play over the 3070 miles
across the 12 states and 3 mountain ranges, desert and plaines


A dream…A goal…A purpose
Thank you everyone for making this come true

A huge thank to all of our present sponsors and collaborators.
Without you it would not be possible to achieve the optimal preparation,
participate in races, improve equipment, and not least to help others.


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Thank you so much for a truly amazing evening. I was so moved and grateful. You have been absolutely wonderful all the way. A big thanks to everyone who supported you and therefore also La Vida. Thanks to your sweet wifes who have beed there for you all the way, not to mention the 24 hours at Rad am Ring, where  they took care of food, massages, clothing and cheered on you. You are all truly amazing – THANK YOU
Inge Marie Hornshøj

La Vida 2012

It’s really not just about the bike. It is also about determination, self motivation and discipline. Realize that only you are in charge of your destiny.