After a long hard winter in the basement, only broken up by a trip to Florida, for the Sebring race, and a week of training with Marko Baloh, Baloh Coaching, spring is finally coming to Wisconsin, and the training can now be done outside, for the most part.

With only 10 weeks to go for the big race of this year, Race Across the West, training is going great, and motivation is sky high.
The crew is all set, and everyone is excited to meet in Oceanside in June.

Going into the 4th season of Ultra cycling, Andy decided to extend the agreement with Marko Baloh, Baloh Coaching, all the way through June 2018. This has provided a much more structured and effective training, towards this years main goal, Race Across the West. But more so, towards the long term goal, RAAM 2018

Keeping the wheels turning, and see you on the road!