Already the last half of January 2018! It’s hard to believe….

2017 was for me the “year before the year”; Let me explain.
After finishing 3rd. overall in RAW 2016 in 64 hours, I, for the first time realized that I have the potential to become a RAAM finisher.
Something that’s been out there for a while, but until a few days after RAW 2016, I never had the confidence that I could become one of the few people in the world to finish RAAM solo.

The plan going into 2017, was to gain more experience, and try different things with the ultimate goal in sight for 2018.
The year started out with 12 hr race in Sebring. I came in at 247 miles and 4th. Overall. I was very happy with that. It was a personal best on 12 hr, and with a flat 70 miles in, that got me dropped from the group early on, it was the best outcome I could hope for.
From Sebring I spend one week with my Coach Marko Baloh in Orlando.
A great week with fun and training, together with our respective wifes. I feel that this early camp gave me a boost towards last years goal, RAW.

Due to work load and other commitments, RAW became my last major race of the year.
For RAW 2017 I knew what my goals were. If we could get the same weather as in 2016 I wanted to improve my time, but you never know, and it turned out to be way different. It was not as hot as it was in 2016 but we had lots of headwinds, meaning the faster time was out the window early on.

Overall I had a pretty smooth race, except for some stomach problems at TS7, that cost app 3 hours.
However I have two great takeaways from years race.
1. I was slightly faster from TS7 to the finish line, compared to 2016.
2. I felt way better at the finish line.
These are two important factors I take with me into 2018.

2018 is THE YEAR. RAAM year!
The first test will be the 24 hr race in Sebring, FL in February. This is a great race to attend, after a couple of months in the basement. Also the social aspect of seeing our friends, and make new friendships is very motivating.
Training will be ramping up towards RAAM in June, and fundraising activities will also increase the next couple of month.The last test before RAAM will be the 24 hr Calvins Challenge in Ohio, but more about that later.