Marko Baloh –, and his E-coach & massage therapist Matic Smon.Matic - massage 1
We couldn’t have wished for more optimal conditions prior to the race.

Thursday, Matic provided his amazing skills to Andy, who immediately felt some of the benefits of the treatment.
We are hoping Matic will have some time in Oceanside, to do some final mental coaching just before race start.

During our heat training in Borrego Springs, CA we are sharing a house with Andy’s coach It’s not only athletes who can benefit from the professional hands of Matic, he can help you with a lot of the lifestyle decease, such as migraines, allergies, dizziness, digestive problems, and many more, which a lot of people suffer from.
Matic works with the energies, we already have, and can help the body  regain balance if there is any blockages in the energy flow. He does that while doing massages and stretching. 

I’m positive, this will not be the only time Andy is working with Matic, as it’s just as important to  be mentally prepared as physically.

You can contact Matic Smon at or on Facebook