Team Race for La Vida was founded in Denmark in 2011, when Andy and his friend Johnny was preparing for a 24 hour race “Rad am Ring” in Germany.

They thought why not do some charity when they where training anyway. That was a great motivation to them.

Before leaving Denmark, team has raised more than $ 10.000 for charity, with main focus on children with life threatening diseases.

Birgitte and Andy moved from Denmark to Racine, WI, in the spring of 2013, and they wish to continue the charity work already started.


Andy has learned the hard way, what happens when you eat poorly, smoke, gain weight and don’t exercise.


Back in 2007 Andy was overweight, experienced repeated back problems along with other health issues.
It is fair to say that cycling, and now ultra cycling has been a wake up call in his life.







Today, Andy has lost approximately 40 pounds and has made his way into ultra cycling through a change of lifestyle, determination and discipline.

He is now living proof, that it is never too late to change, and make it happen.