Monument Valley



Cycling became a mission that literally changed Andy’s life.
Though he served with NATO military services, Andy still lived an unhealthy lifestyle. 
He was overweight, out of shape, a chain-smoker and had chronic knee, shoulder and back problems.
After 5 weeks of bed rest due to his back, he knew he needed to change.
So he started riding his bike. Ten years later, he’s now a decorated and dedicated Ultra-cyclist; finishing 2nd in the Men’s Division in 2016’s Race Across The West – a 928 mile race from California to Colorado.
Later that year he came in 4th in his age group (9th over all) in the 24 hour World Time Trail Championship.
2017 has been a preparation for RAAM 2018, with only one race. 
He came in 3rd overall in 2017 Race Across the West, and was very happy with his performance.

Through Andy’s love and success in ultra-cycling, his passion is to show that it's never too late to change lifestyle.
"If I can only inspire 1 person towards a healthier future, I have succeeded"