Heat training Borrego SpringsWe are 4 days out from the big event of the year. Race Across the West.
Soon all the preparation and training will be put to use.

Again, this year I have had Marko Baloh (Marko Baloh Coaching) on board to help me get ready and improve my performance. 
The winter months were spend in the basement and it was hard from time to time because I did not have my crew setup decided, before well into March. That uncertainty about, if I could find a crew or not, was hard to deal with, and convince yourself to do 7 hours on the trainer on a Sunday afternoon.
However I wanted to be sure to get the right people chosen and I did.
I have a great crew again this year.
Birgitte is my Crew Chief, then I have Tim Holland and Orla Mikkelsen ready to work their but off during the desert. 

The spring months was a typical spring in Wisconsin some cold days and some ok for road riding.
My first ultra weekend with 3 days of 10 hours riding each, was in early April. We went to Missouri to get into just a bit warmer weather. Still in the 50’s, but ok.  

May is the high intense month with lots of miles etc. But also a fun month because I am in good shape and the body responds well to the load.  

Also during the year I had the opportunity to mix work and training in Las Vegas and that has improved my climbing skills to get away from the flat SE Wisconsin.

Now its race time and I fell ready and cant wait to get going 

See you on the road.

Best regards